To mark the centenary of World War One, our parish decided to undertake a research project into the people of our parish who were killed during the Great War and mentioned on our parish’s war memorial plaque.


Our actual memorial to those killed in the conflict are the church’s Stations of the Cross which the plaque identifies as being dedicated in this way.


The project itself will be run throughout the centenary period and compromise of several different events aimed at gathering information about the lives and service history of our parish’s war dead. So far we have run an event with the younger people of the parish to help locate key information about individuals mentioned on the war memorial and we are currently planning events open to the whole parish community.


We have so far limited our investigations to documents and sources available on and information located within our own parish records (Such as marriage and baptism registers), however we would be very interested in any research that you have been involved with yourselves. If you would like to share your information with the project, please email any documents to [email protected] so that they can be added to our parish’s online archive of information and sources.


If you would like to view what we have already researched, please follow the link below to access our parishes current collection of information, remembering to email us with any further information that you can add.

World War History Project

St John the Baptist

Catholic Church

St John's World War Project Online Archive